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We transform complex stories into
simple hand-drawn films.

✅ We work in separate, clearly defined stages

✅ One fixed price for a film

✅ Every film starts with a kick-off meeting

✅ Focus on the content, not the fuss

✅ Customers give us an average 9.1/10 rating!

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Why a whiteboard film?

Five reasons to choose a whiteboard animation.

? At least 65% of the population prefer to learn visually

? People remember the content of a whiteboard film 15% better (compared to a talking head film)

? With film, you can convey a lot of information in just a little time

? In a whiteboard film, illustrations are synchronized with audio, which makes it easier to understand complex information

? Illustrations work really well if you want to show connections or a correlation in information.

whiteboard animation

How does it work?

Let us explain in six steps.

The process
We've separated our process into clear, distinct steps. Have you agreed to the quotation? Then let's begin!
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The script
We start with an extensive interview where we ask you every question we can think of. Based on this our copywriter creates a first draft of the script.
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The illustrations
Based on the text, our illustrator makes a first version of the drawings. Don't worry, we'll ask for your feedback!
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
Once the text is finalized, the voice-over can start working. Do you want a business-like tone? Enthusiastic? Sultry? Compelling? It's up to you!
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
When you're completed satisfied, we start the process of illustrating and filming the video. A 3-minute film equals 8 hours of drawing for us!
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
Editing and sending
We put everything together with a beautiful finish and send the film to you.
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
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What do our clients say about us?

On average they give us a 9.1 out of 10.

Clever and appealing video


Great organization! I got a planning and a quote very quickly. The further coordination went well and Bord&Stift always delivered exactly what was agreed upon. The message to be conveyed was expressed and visualized in a very clever and appealing way in the video.

R. Blankemeijer

Pleasant people


The strength of Bord & Stift is, in my opinion, in fast switching, proactive thinking and the pleasant people who work there! We are very satisfied with the result, which has been delivered within a very short timeframe.

Maud van Deven

Curious and very open!


My experience was very good. Quick response to our proposal to meet (the next day!) In addition, the cooperation was also very pleasant, curious and able to empathize properly, which is also an important part of the process in my opinion. Afterwards, they worked individually again but again everything was quickly picked up and everyone was easily accessible for the feedback. In short, a great cooperation, fast, flexible, curious and very open!

Sonja de Bake

Correct feeling evoked


Good guidance, good translation of our message in a great text / outline.
Illustrations well translated (correct feeling evoked). Good translation of the briefing and accurately delivered our latest changes in a very short term!

Arnica van den Hoorn

Creative and professional


Pleasant cooperation, flexible, fast understanding, creative and professional.

Plenty of room for input


We have worked very well with Bord&Stift; there is plenty of room for input and our feedback was well processed.
We are happy with the end result!

J. Linssen

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Who are our clients?

Below a selection of our >250 clients.

Why do we love our job so much?

Six of our colleagues tell their story.

You can take a glimpse into a different world


Making a film is always a challenge. It is often a complicated subject and the content must be exactly right. But, that is exactly what makes it so nice! You can take a dip in a subject that you would otherwise not easily come into contact with. It is really a glimpse into another world.

Sophie Loonen
Chief Filming Officer

This creates an unambiguous starting point


You often see that when it comes to sensitive themes, everybody has an opinion about it, but almost no one understands the exact workings or details of the topic. With the films we make, an unambiguous starting point is created. In this way, the conversation between the parties changes: no yes-versus-no discussion about the facts, but rather a substantive discussion about what the next steps are.

Charlotte van Leeuwen
Chief Whiteboard Officer

You make a connection with different companies

Michiel kleiner

I like that we make whiteboard videos about a broad range of topics. The videos are never the same and during the process you learn things that you otherwise would never have known. We also often see that companies come back to us when we have made a film for them. In this way you build up a connection with a company and this improves the process of making a video with them.

Michiel Niesten
Chief Filming Officer

Driven and enthusiastic people


What I always like about making films is that we get to work with enthusiastic people who are really motivated to get their message accross.

Betina Van Meter
Chief Drawing Officer

Making a contribution to society


Films that contribute to society give me the most energy. We created for example a video for the Women Inc. foundation: a nice video about the distribution of care tasks at home. I find the best challenge to get into the eyes of the viewer: how can we pack the message in such a way that it fits with their experience?

Merel Remkes
Chief Writing Officer

Building expertise for a specific group


I find it interesting that we recently learned a lot about making films for low-literate people or people with a mild intellectual disability. Our videos lend themselves well for that. I really enjoy building expertise to address a group of people who are usually often skipped.

Violet Swakman
Chief Planning Officer

Bord&Stift in numbers:

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team outings
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Sounds good! But ummm... what are the costs?

We work with a fixed price per film.
This way you know upfront what the deal is.

Request a quotation ❯

Whiteboard film - Simple illustrations
€4,750,- ex. VAT
Get your own whiteboard film of 1-3 minutes, in which your complex story is explained clearly with simple illustrations. More information ❯
Whiteboard film - Extensive illustrations
€5,475,- ex. VAT
In this detailed whiteboard movie we can show technical aspects in depth and make people recognizable. More information ❯
Whiteboard film - Digital illustrations
€4,750,- ex. VAT
Rather have a video without a hand drawing the images? That's possible! We'll illustrate the video digitally instead of on a whiteboard. More information ❯
Live Drawing (for a meeting or event)
€875,- ex. VAT
A illustrator visits your office or event space and converts the content of your event into simple, clear visuals. More information ❯
Drawing Workshops (learn visual note-taking)
€75,- pp ex. VAT (min. €750,-)
During a drawing workshop, you'll learn the principles of visual thinking and note-taking, so that you can easily communicate your ideas through images. More information ❯
€750-1750,- ex. VAT
An infographic communicaties your key message to your target audience in a single, clear image. More information ❯

Why does a film cost €4.750,-?

Because we put a lot of time,
love and creativity into making it.

creativity Something we often hear from our clients is: “We’re really happy with the film, but even happier with the fact that we now know ourselves what the crux of our story is.” Our added value is not only the film itself, but also the fact that you can tell your story now in a clear and simple way.

feedbackWe spend time and attention getting to the core and really investigate what your subject is about and what you want to convey. This way, we can transform your story (no matter how complex) into a clear and simple film.

feedback roundsWe make the film together with you. We find it extremely important you are happy with it - it's your film! That's why we have an unlimited amount of feedback rounds and we continue until we are sure you are completely satisfied.

How much time do we put in making a film?

  • Preparation + first meeting +/- 6 hours
  • Deciding on the content + writing +/- 5 hours
  • Feedback on the text +/- 3 hours
  • Making the illustrations +/- 18 hours
  • Feedback on the illustrations +/- 4 hours
  • Voice-over recording and editing +/- 1 hour
  • Filming the illustrations +/- 14 hours
  • Editing the film +/- 12 hours
  • Evaluation +/- 1 hour

Total = 64 hours of dedicated creativity

Still not sure about making a film?

This free starter package will give you a kick-start!

starter package

We've put together a free 'I want to make a film' starter package for you.

This document will help you with the essential components of your story and help get to the core of your message.

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(and no, to download it you don't need to hand over your email address, phone number, bank details, Facebook profile or other personal information. We assume that if you want to make a film with us, you'll get in touch ?)

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