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We help you tell your story with a whiteboard and markers.
This way we transform complex stories into simple hand-drawn films.

✅ Unlimited rounds of feedback

✅ We work in separate, clearly defined stages

✅ One fixed price for a video

✅ Focus on the content, not the fuss

✅ Customers give us an average 9/10 rating!

Call us on +3120-2617491

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Recente beoordelingen★★★★★★★★★★Jarno Schuurkamp / The College Development CentreSuper leuk en fris bedrijf! Creatief in wat ze maken. Enorm tevreden over het proces en over het eindresultaat. Een aanrader!★★★★★★★★★★AnoniemHeel proactieve en deskundige samenwerking. In eigenlijk te korte tijd hebben we toch alles kunnen doen. En resultaat is ok! We horen positieve reacties van de kijkers.★★★★★★★★★★Partnerships Resource Centre, Rotterdam School of ManagementHet maken van dit filmpje met Bord&Stift heeft ons op meerdere manieren vooruitgeholpen. Het zorgde ervoor dat we zelf ook weer eens grondig gingen nadenken over wat we nou eigenlijk doen en waarom, en dat leverde intern goeie gesprekken op. Daarnaast is het eindproduct een prachtig filmpje wat we heel goed kunnen gebruiken in gesprekken en presentaties.★★★★★★★★★★Joris van Marrewijk / Royal BrinkmanSamen met de mensen van Bord&Stift een leuk en duidelijk filmpje gemaakt van ons primaire proces. Het is Bord&Stift gelukt om een vrij complex proces in een kort filmpje te verduidelijken en terug te brengen tot de kern. Afspraken worden goed nagevolgd! Prima samenwerking!★★★★★★★★★★Meander Medisch CentrumHet was erg leuk om met Bord&Stift samen te mogen werken. Wat een creatieve leuke mensen! We hadden een betrekkelijk korte tijd maar het eindresultaat is tot in de puntjes af! We zijn heel blij met het resultaat. De whiteboard animatie laat speels, vlot en raak zien wat we graag intern onder de aandacht willen brengen.★★★★★★★★★★AnoniemUitstekend samenwerking! Professioneel en flexibel. ★★★★★★★★★★AnoniemBord&Stift is een van de meest klantvriendelijke bureaus die ik ken. Ze gaan tot het uiterste om tot een goed resultaat te komen. Daarbij stellen ze zich positief en leerbaar op, heel prettig samenwerken. ★★★★★★★★★★Arjen Tuinhof de Moed/NSBord en Stift heeft een leuk team met een open en zeer intelligente benadering. Ons Filmpje is niet alleen grappig maar vooral informatief en 'to the point'. Aanrader!★★★★★★★★★★Yvo Dolmans / Kreuze TelecomEen hele prettige club om zaken mee te doen. Houden zich aan de afspraken, zijn flexibel en denken mee in het gewenste resultaat.★★★★★★★★★★Stichting HartekindHele prettige samenwerking met een prachtig eindresultaat!
Feedback Company
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“In honour of our 25th anniversary, Bord & Stift created a film capturing both our work and our complex decision-making process, in a creative and appealing film. I was very pleased with the collaboration, the surprising and creative ideas and the solution-oriented way of working at Bord & Stift”
Nejra Kalkan
Commission Secretary Meijers
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"Bord&Stift is incredible! I had the pleasure of collaborating with them on three different videos and was consistently blown away by their professionalism and the quality of their work. Each person I worked with was friendly and enthusiastic, offering a valuable and highly creative perspective in his/her area of expertise."
Aurora Stobbelaar
Senior Communications Coordinator at EAIE
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“Our APF Congress was a great success, thanks in part to Bord & Stift. In only a few minutes they mapped out a complicated idea in a clear and creative way. Using a simple process, they translated our content into a clear and informative video. Contact with Charlotte and her colleagues was professional and always enjoyable.”
Henry van Eck
Pension Advisor Montae
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The 5 most frequently asked questions

We need 6 weeks from the first interview. In our experience that’s how much time we need for everyone to enjoy the process and deliver a good end product. If you need a film faster, it’s sometimes possible, but depends on our planning and availability.

You can always email or call us (+31 20 2617 491), but if we’re making a film for you we like to meet you in person. It could be at your office or at our own – our cozy office is on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. During a 2-hour session we work together to get to the core of the video, to make sure no information is overlooked.

We’ve designed our processes efficiently and we’ve made hundreds of films. Even though each film is unique, we use this experience productively. Of course, whether you think our prices are cheap or expensive depends on your budget. We’ve chosen to charge a fixed price for everyone and we put that price clearly on our website.

We make all our films with a lot of personal attention and a good dose of creative love. There are many hours involved in our process, so we’re not the cheapest company around. We spend a lot of time talking to you about what you want our of the video and how you want it to look – that’s why we schedule a 2 hour appointment at the beginning of the process. We take time to ensure your film is exactly as you like it.

As well as making films our artists are also available for live drawing events. They create a visual record of events during a meeting, event or conference.
In addition, we can also drop by your office for a drawing workshop. Why take minutes when your team can process ideas and plans clears in a drawing? “I can’t draw!” Don’t worry, after this workshop, you’ll be able to.

Hire a live artist

The process
We've separated our process into clear, distinct steps. Have you agreed to the quotation? Then let's begin!
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The script
We start with an extensive interview where we ask you every question we can think of. Based on this our copywriter creates a first draft of the script.
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The illustrations
Based on the text, our illustrator makes a first version of the drawings. Don't worry, we'll ask for your feedback!
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
Once the text is finalized, the voice-over can start working. Do you want a business-like tone? Enthusiastic? Sultry? Compelling? It's up to you!
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
When you're completed satisfied, we start the process of illustrating and filming the video. A 3-minute film equals 8 hours of drawing for us!
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
Editing and sending
We put everything together with a beautiful finish and send the film to you.
Proeftekeningen maken voor een Bord&Stift filmpje
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✅ Unlimited rounds of feedback

✅ We work in separate, clearly defined stages

✅ One fixed price for a video

✅ Focus on the content, not the fuss

✅ Customers give us an average 9/10 rating!

On average a film costs

€3.250,- excl. VAT.

Would you like an official quote?


Ask for a quotation

Or contact us directly.

Some of our happy clients

Take a virtual walk through our office and see where we work 🙂

There’s more and more information, but people have less time

We now consume on average more information in one day than the average Medieval man did in his entire life. Information has also become more complex, less and less time is available, and our attention is increasingly fragmented. It’s more important than ever to make your message accessible and clear. We help you dig to the core of your message and display this in a clear and inexpensive way.

We tell your story with a whiteboard and markers.

We tell your story in a simple, clear way. Because we strongly believe in the power of a simple drawing, combined with a strong voice-over, this style of whiteboard film is our specialist style. This style of creative hand-drawn films is inspired by RSA Animate, where various TED talks have been translated into lively films.

We help with the process from beginning to end

We help you with the entire process. Writing the text, recording the voice-over, illustrating, filming and editing included. We take as much of the work off you as possible, so the most important thing you do is to give us feedback. We listen to your feedback and integrate it into the film, to make sure to create the perfect result for you.

1. Quotation

You can request a quote via If you’re happy, we can start!

2. Write the text

WWe write the script based on your story and message. You give us feedback.

3. Voice-over

The script is professionally recorded, and you give us more feedback.

4. Whiteboard illustrations

We make illustrations for the video and you give us your feedback.

5. Record and edit the video

All feedback is processed during the creation of the final film.

6. Send the film

You will receive the video in different formats.

Our process, explained in detail

6 clear stages

At Bord&Stift we work according to these 6 stages. It’s important that each stage is completed to everyone’s satisfaction before moving on to the next one. For example, we make sure a script is finalized before an artist or voice-over actor begins their work. That way we avoid wasting creative time and effort creating sections of video which will later be edited out.

The script

The script is the most important part of a Bord&Stift video because the script is the foundation on which the rest of the video is built. One of our writers will contact you to arrange a meeting. All of our writers speak excellent English and we have several native-English speakers on staff. We can visit you for a face-to-face meeting or you can also tell us your story over the phone. The writer then writes a first draft of the script, for you to read and comment on. A script usually goes back and forth five or six times by email. This is a natural part of the process and each script improves a bit more with each draft.


As soon as the script is ready, the voice-over actor gets to work on it. We work with experienced voice-over actors to ensure your script is spoken clearly and effectively. You can choose to use a male or female voice and we are happy to advise. If you prefer, you can record the script yourself. This can create a very authentic effect especially if the video requires that personal touch. We work with a professional sound studio in Amsterdam to record the scripts and are happy to coordinate with them if you prefer to record your own voice-over.


It’s important the artist only starts drawing after the script is finalized. This prevents the artist creating material which will not ultimately be used, and limits any drastic edits due to script changes. The artist gets to work creating illustrations that fit the text and presents an initial draft of the illustrations. The artist sends this to you via email for feedback. This feedback is incorporated into their plans before filming begins.


From the moment we start filming, you can sit back and relax. But it is useful for you to know exactly how the process works. One important thing to know is that from this point, we can no longer make any changes to the script or illustrations. A cameraman films the artist composing the drawing on a whiteboard using coloured markers. Although the finished video only lasts a couple of minutes, recording it can take anywhere from one to three days. Some sections of the video are sped up to as much as 4000x in order to match the pace of the recorded text.

Editing and sendingn

The editor assembles all the separate components. The voice-over recording determines the pace of the video and the images are either speeded up or slowed down to correspond with the text. Any mistakes made during the drawing are cut, to create smooth continuity. The images and sound are polished in post-production. We will deliver the finished product through a YouTube link for the video right away. We initially upload it as a hidden video and then you can decide whether we may release it publicly or not.


We like to evaluate a project once it’s completed: what went well, what we might be able to do better next time and whether you have any other ideas for Bord&Stift. We can do this by phone, or you can fill in this form by the Feedback Company.