getekende poppetjes, twee met een blauwe en oranje trui voor taalhuis

The power of simplicity

Bord&Stift believes in the power and beauty of simplicity. With our whiteboard films we make a complex world understandable for everyone. 

team bord&stift

Horizontally organised

To be as effective as possible, we’re organized horizontally. This means that everyone at Bord&Stift is equal and has the freedom to fully develop their ideas. 

Bord&Stift team

A transparent world

Through both the films we make and the way we organize ourselves, we hope to make the world a little more beautiful and a lot more transparent. 

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This is us:

Charlotte van Leeuwwen
Chief Whiteboard Officer
Unrestricted by rules or pecking orders, brainstorming with Charlotte will open your world.
LinkedInEmailInterview with Charlotte
Violet Swakman
Chief Planning Officer
As a multi-skilled planning queen, with us from the very beginning, Violet knows our agendas better than we do.
LinkedInEmailInterview with Violet
Merel Jongejan
Chief Happiness Officer
With her amiable appearance and open character, Merel ensures connection, both internally and externally.
Irene Achterbergh
Chief Project Officer
A surprising combination: Irene is as sweet as a marshmellow and sharp as a jalapeñopepper.
Merel Remkes
Chief Writing Officer
With her unmatched empathy, Merel raises 'getting to the core' to an art.
Hannah Mathkor
Chief Writing Officer
From straightforward texts to stimulating poetry, lyricist Hannah is at home with any topic.
Floris van Elteren
Chief Writing Officer
As a beta male with alpha qualities, Floris takes on complex subjects.
Mare Groen
Chief Writing Officer
From Mare's philosophical disposition and razor-sharp spirit, we're spoiled for choice.
Daniël de Vries
Chief Writing Officer
With Daniël's relaxed vibe, every colleague and client feels at ease.
Laurens Radstake
Chief Writing Officer
As a fine-tuned writer and audio editor, Laurens's lyrics always sound great.
Theo Danes
Chief Drawing Officer
As a true artisan, Theo continues until his drawings (and poems) are accurate to the last detail.
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Mieske Klomp
Chief Drawing Officer
This turbocharged illustrator has sometimes finished her test drawings before she received the assignment.
Jeroen Steehouwer
Chief Drawing Officer
Through years of experience in the comic world, Jeroen manages to create striking characters with just a few lines.
Astrid Ouderhoven
Chief Drawing Officer
The sensitive drawing style of Astrid produces more surprising images than Rodin on LSD.
Betina van Meter
Chief Drawing Officer
The left-handed Betina draws so beautiful that you'll wish she had two left hands.
LinkedInEmailInterview with Betina
Loriana Daggers
Chief Drawing Officer
Loriana has more talents than you can count on one hand. She's the type who handles it all smoothly.
Hanneke van der Linden
Chief Drawing Officer
If a draftsman calls her animation studio 'Hanimation', then you know you're in good hands.
Antoine Stöhr
Chief Drawing Officer
Educated as an interaction designer, Antoine makes sure the interaction between text and illustrations works out well.
Sophie Loonen
Chief Filming Officer
Sophie films and edits as if she discovered the meaning of life years ago in a corner of the biscuit tin.
Mees Eringa
Chief Filming Officer
As the youngest member of the Bord&Stift family, Mees sinks his milk teeth into every project as a true editing pro.
Sarah Manev
Chief Filming Officer
Disarming out-of-the-box thinker, editor and photographer with a keen eye for art.
Michiel Niesten
Chief Filming Officer
Editing King Michiel has raised the activity to an art form (although according to him it is not too difficult).
LinkedInEmailInterview with Michiel
Maud Schijven
Chief Filming Officer
As a perfectionist film and editing hero, Maud irons out more creases than a dry cleaners.
Fenneke Dam
Chief Voice Officer
The voice of Fenneke is sweeter than Circe's and makes every Odyssey a pleasure cruise.
LinkedInEmailInterview with Fenneke
Robin van den Akker
Chief Voice Offiver
Robin's voice is like coming home after a long journey to two eager foot masseurs and your favorite meal.
Pauline van Leeuwen
Chief Voice Officer
A voice-oversession with Pauline is so enjoyable that you hope in vain that she has to do retakes.
Evert Jan Korving
Chief Voice Officer
The most energetic and enthusiastic voice at Bord&Stift. Don't worry, the exclamation points are free!
Hugo Haenen
Chief Voice Officer
Hugo Haenen has everything: delicious, clear, cordial. He hears the whole of the joyful universe.
Richard Feynman
Chief Inspiration Officer
Our source of inspiration - Feynman ('The Great Explainer') explained the most complex issues clearly, with a dose of humor.
Why is this guy on the Bord&Stift website?

Advisory Board

Henry van Eck
We've know Henry since the early days of Bord&Stift. We got to know him by making a whiteboard film for Montae about management support. Henry has always been a valuable source of advice and input.
Sue Wade
We met Sue while she was working at She knows us from our whiteboard films as well as from the drawing workshops we organize. She's always creative in exploring all the different possibilities for a whiteboard film.
Belia Viejou
Belia is someone who doesn't think in problems, but in possibilities. At Kadaster she's worked in a variety of positions. That's why she's always able to look at a topic from different viewpoints.
Sanne van der Hagen
Bureau Wisselstroom
We know Sanne from a video we made for Movisie. She was involved with this project through her own company: Bureau Wisselstroom. Sanne has helped us to improve our routine by evaluating our process and content with us.
Hwie-Bing Kwee
Hwie-Bing was immediately enthusiastic about contributing to the advisory board. He has lots of knowledge about innovation and a visionary look on the future. He's always able to communicate this vision in a clear way.
Walter van den Eikhof
Walter has impressed us a lot by having ten different ideas on what we could improve at Bord&Stift, within the first five minutes of walking to the meeting. Giving solid advice is his second nature, so he's more than willing to contribute to our advisory board.

Our partners

Het Vertaalcollectief
For translations into every possible language we work with Het Vertaalcollectief.
Corporate identity
WayFinders helped us come to our own core. Thanks to them, we found our icon: Richard Feynman!
De Hele Olifant
Horizontal Organisation
De Hele Olifant helped us in transforming Bord&Stift into a horizontal organisation.

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