About us

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The power of simplicity

Bord&Stift believes in the power and beauty of simplicity. With our whiteboardvideos we’re making our complex world understandable for everyone.

Organized horizontally

We are organized horizontally. This means that everyone at Bord&Stift is equal and has the freedom to develop themselves and his or her ideas to the maximum. We don’t have managers, everyone is in charge.

The five sectors we focus on

We want to help organizations that make the world a better place.

At the beginning of 2020, all Bord&Stift’ers paused to consider the question; do we stand behind everything we do? How do we view the current economic system?

We have defined sectors we want to commit ourselves to and also determined in which sectors we as a company no longer want to participate.



Social domain

Horizonal organization

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Core values

  • Selfcare: the basic core value
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Solution-oriented approach: there is always a solution
  • Transparancy: openness & honesty (inwards & outwards)
  • Equality: anyone can introduce ideas
  • Involvement: we’re doing it together
Organized horizontally


We want to use our expertise to be a catalyst for positive change in the world.


We facilitate connection by searching for everyone’s story, no matter how complex, putting people first and using the power of visual communication.



We are a horizontal team in which everyone feels at home, can be themselves and can develop themselves to the maximum. To make this happen, we have an open and engaged attitude and the courage and vulnerability to give and receive feedback.

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