Organize horizontally

We help organizations based on our practical experience in horizontal organization.

At Bord&Stift we have been organized horizontally since 2018. That means: no managers, but a clear division of responsibilities and tasks.

Structure and clear communication are important here. Because we like to share our structures and office rituals with others, we guide organizations in finding their own fitting structures and practices.

If you ask us; thinking along is one of the nicest things there is. Get to know us by joiningour public introductory workshop on organizing horizontally. Or make a open-ended appointment to explore together whether the path of self-organization suits you.

Getting started with organizing horizontally?

Here's how we can help you:

Introductory workshop organizing horizontally

A clear introduction.
Gratis We are happy to share our knowledge!
  • Two-hour workshop
  • Online on Zoom
  • From 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • basic principles organizing horizontally
  • We share our do's and don'ts
  • Max 12 participants (in order to keep it personal)

Company workshop on organizing horizontally

Tailor-made. Because there is no one size fits all.
Prijs op aanvraag depending on the number of participants
  • Three hour workshop
  • Online on Zoom or in real life
  • Explore whether organizing horizontally suits your organization
  • Hulp bij eerste concrete stappen zetten
  • Extra input and inspiration from our experience
  • You will get the opportunity to put your new knowledge into practise.

Individual guidance for organizations

If you want guidance over a longer period of time.
92,50 per hour, excl. VAT
  • Shorter and longer advisory processes possible
  • We help you tailor-made
  • We determine the way together
  • Founder/manager coaching
  • Supervising team meetings

Annual program with monthly workshops

Take concrete steps with your organization for a year.
n.t.b. annual price
  • For organizations that want to take major steps in self-management
  • Learning through theory, practical experience and intervision
  • A specific assignment every month
  • Max 15 participants in total
  • 12 sessions of 3 hours, during a year
  • Start and end meeting in real life


Lena Hartog
Lena Hartog
Movement Builder at Slow Fashion Movement
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"Perfect start for people who want to get started with organizing horizontally! Tightly organised, useful tips and tricks, the process of the workshop itself was also beautifully horizontal. Bord&Stift speaks from experience and you notice that!"
Tom Wagemakers
Tom Wagemakers
Process and data modelling consultant
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"Nice meeting of a group of like-minded people, where a first glimpse is given of how organizing horizontally can work. There are still plenty of questions that remain after this meeting that make me curious and eager for a sequel."
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"I found the workshop inspiring, especially because it was so practical. I feel like I can get started right away. I also found the interaction with other participants very valuable."

Explanation about organizing horizontally

A series of videos with our tips, failures and personal stories about organizing horizontally

In the media

We tell about our experiences with organizing horizontally

Background information on organizing horizontally

📚 Books

📰 Articles

🎤 Podcasts

  • The podcast series of Brave New Work (also very nice to listen to)
  • The BBC’s ‘No more bosses‘ podcast (good and honest introduction to the topic of self-direction)

🌳 Books at the interface of economy, society, sustainability and self-management

Our blog articles about organizing horizontally (NL)