Our story

First video ever


During a project of the National Think Thank, the first ever Bord&Stift video was made, about the phosphorus problem. The problem was that nobody knew anything about that problem, so there had to be a simple and clear explanation. And what better way to do that than in a video with board and marker?

Bedroom as a film studio


In the beginning, Bord&Stift is such a small company that Charlotte’s bedroom is our film studio. Very cosy, but because Bord&Stift is growing, this is no longer possible at a certain point.

Team is growing


The Bord&Stift team of copywriters, illustrators, filmmakers and editors continues to expand with a lot talented creatives. Who can also have a lot of fun together.

NS, Achmea, KLM en Klokhuis as clients


We often work for large organizations where we do internal communication to clearly explain the strategy or vision, for example. But occasionally there are also public assignments, such as for Klokhuis (an educative Dutch tv-program for children), in which we could explain ‘democracy’ in a whiteboard video in an episode about politics.

Office on the Coppelstockstraat


We are moving to the Coppelstockstraat in Amsterdam. Not knowing then that we would soon grow out of it…

Together on woliday (working-holiday)


The first Bord&Stift woliday is a fact! We all went to the Ardennes together for a week to work on the larger issues of Bord & Stift. And to play a lot of games of course.

Three film sets on the Haarlemmerstraat


As we continue to grow, we are moving to our current office on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. We have space here for three film sets and our own voice-over booth so that we can handle all requests. The neighbors take a photo while we test the fire escape.

Live illustration en drawing workshops


We are starting to receive more and more requests as to whether we can support our clients in more ways than just making videos. We are expanding our portfolio with live drawing, drawing workshops and infographics.

Organize horizontally


Due to growth we have to think about how we organize ourselves. Thanks to the help of the consultancy firm De Hele Olifant, we decide to opt for a horizontal organizational company structure. No managers, everyone in charge…

Mission, vision and core values


Together we define our mission, vision, identitiy and core values. Because yes, if you have no managers and no boss, it is important to know clearly who you are and where you want to go.

BNR interview and horizontal workshops


Radio ‘BNR Incompany’ visits our office and we share our story about horizontal organization. More and more organizations are approaching us with the question whether we can help them in the transition to an organization without a hierarchical structure.

Working life on zoom


Because of Corona the Bord&Stift life is moving to Zoom. As with any organization, it takes some getting used to, but we notice that the horizontal business structure that is based on trust and responsibility helps us a lot. Fortunately, we notice that we can also help our clients from a distance and that there is a great need for clear communication, especially now.



We want to contribute to the world of tomorrow with the work we do, how we organize ourselves and what we propagate. Of course, as a small business, we cannot overthrow an economic structure, but we can be part of an ever-growing stream of conscious companies. We defined which organizations we would like to work for (and also which organizations we no longer wish to work for).

Bord&Stift is steward-owned


Bord&Stift has been its own ‘owner’ since January 1st! So the company is no longer owned by Charlotte, the founder. The shares of Bord&Stift are in the Bord&Stift foundation and we have established that the organization can never be sold. Bord&Stift will therefore always be run by the people who work there according to the steward-ownership concept.

The future


Who knows what the future will bring us… Do you want to shape that future with us? We are always open to new encounters and ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel like it 🙂