4 different ways a whiteboard film can help your company

Most people have seen a whiteboard film. They’re a pretty fun way of communicating with an audience. You can add music, fun characters and special effects to make a memorable story. But have you ever thought about using a whiteboard film for your business?

It’s not such a crazy thought. Even Forbes recommends it. 

Whiteboard films are stories stripped down to their bare essentials. Combine the perfect story with clear, unambiguous visuals, without any distractions and you have content perfectly suited for our current digital age. What could be better for your company than cutting through the digital noise, right to the core of your product or company?

How to use a whiteboard film for your business

So what are some of the ways that your business can use a whiteboard film? Whiteboard films can be used for internal or external purposes, directed at your customers or at your own employees. And they can be about any topic at all. If you can think of it, it can be illustrated. Here are 4 effective ways you can use a whiteboard film for your business.

1.Make a service or product clear to customers

You know your product back to front, but explaining it to your customers is more difficult. A whiteboard film succinctly communicates your product and how your customers benefit from it. Because of the simplicity of a whiteboard film you can’t rely on slick visuals or funky music to sell your product for you. A whiteboard film gets into the nitty gritty of your product and exactly how it works. This is perfect for more complicated products or services.

2. Communicate your brand message

A strong brand is essential to a company operating in the modern age. You need to have clear values and a compelling narrative. Whiteboard films are the perfect way to communicate this because they’re short, sweet and crystal clear. Plus, the visuals of a whiteboard film help to make abstract ideas more tangible. It’s all very well talking about cohesion, but people will understand much better if they can attach the concept to a visual. Like this:

3. Explain internal change

Change in large organizations is hard to manage, particularly across multiple departments. A whiteboard film is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Whiteboard films communicate change effectively because of their simplicity. Research has shown that content combining text and images are the best way to retain information, and that whiteboard films are the most effective way of doing this – precisely because of their simplicity.

4. Celebrate your successes

Whether it’s a work anniversary or landing a huge client, a whiteboard film is a great way to celebrate your successes as a business. Because films are hand drawn, it’s easy to include fun illustrations and caricatures of colleagues or your office space, making your film personal.

Want to make a whiteboard film for your business?

Get in touch with us at Bord&Stift. We create hand-drawn whiteboard films, converting complex information into a simple story with beautiful visuals. We have experience working with companies both large and small. Our team of specialist writers, illustrators and editors will work to create a film for any and all of your business goals.