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UMCG – Parenting and a mental illness

For the University Medical Center Groningen we explained what difficulties a family can have if one of the parents has a mental illness. The video also offers solutions and perspectives for the treatment and how the crisis can be alleviated.

Drawn by Theo

Wayne State University – Introduction for exchange students

For Wayne State University we made a video in which we summarize in three minutes what exchange students have to do when they have registered for Wayne State University.

Drawn by Betina.

Avaera – Coconut products with a social mission

In this video we tell the story of Martine, founder of Avaera. We follow her on her special journey on how she came to the foundation of her company and what her further dreams are.

Drawn by Astrid.

A treatment at Cardiology Centers Netherlands

We follow Mark, who suffers from mild chest pain, and how his treatment is taking place at Cardiology Centers in the Netherlands.

Drawn by Liselotte

Police – Problem-Oriented Policing works

This video for the National Police is about the problem-oriented approach of persistent safety problems according to the SARA model and what you can do to make your neighborhood a safer place.

Drawn by Jeroen

Efficient Hotel Partner

For Efficient Hotel Partner we made a video where in less than two minutes we summarize what Efficient Hotel Partner does and what they can do for you. 

Drawn by Mieske