At Bord&Stift, we are experts in giving a clear representation of complex information. We do this in different ways.

Look here how we can help you tell your story.

With our whiteboardanimations, we can provide a clear explanation of your complex story. We do this for both complex technical subjects and complex social issues.

Our live illustrators fast-draw during your meeting or event. We can do this offline, but also during an online session. Illustrations provide focus and clarity during a meeting. After the session, you will receive a visual summary so that you can share it with everyone.

Man houdt papiertje vast tijdens een tekenworkshop

During a drawing workshop you will learn the principles of visual thinking and taking minutes, so you can easily convey your ideas with the help of images. Together with one of our workshop wonders, you will work on a theme that’s relevant within your organization. 

In an infographic poster you can summarize a lot of information clearly in one image. For example, what your organization has achieved in recent years. Or the mission and vision for the coming years.

Examples whiteboardanimations

Examples infographics

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