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Do you want to work with your team on a theme that plays within your organization? Would you like to learn to portray this theme in a visual way? Then you have come to the right place at our drawing workshops.

Together with one of our illustrators you will shape the workshop, so that the session perfectly matches your theme. As a result, participants not only learn the basics of visual thinking, but the workshop is also interesting in terms of content!

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Our prices

Drawing workshop

Shaped to your theme
per participant
  • Two-hour workshop
  • Learn the basics of visual communication
  • Full of game elements, collaboration and individual work
  • Learn the basics of visual communication
  • Get started with a theme that is relevant to you
  • Under the guidance of one of our communication experts
Online workshop tekenen bij jouw organisatie

Online drawing workshop

On Zoom, tailored to your needs
per participant
  • Two-hour workshop
  • Fully online (o.a. via Zoom)
  • Both individual assignments and collaboration (e.g. in break-out rooms)
  • Learn the basics of visual communication
  • Get started with a theme that is relevant to you
  • Under the guidance of one of our communication experts

What does one of our drawing workshops look like?

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Do you have a question about booking one of our drawing workshops? Check out our frequently asked questions about our drawing workshops.

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Our working method

Agenda afspraak maken live tekenaar inhuren

1. Book an appointment

Via the button 'Book an appointment' you pick you date and time when you would like to book a drawing workshop. We will then quickly check whether one of our illustrators is available to give the workshop.

2. We will contact you

Then we will contact you to go through all the details and check with you whether the workshop is online or offline. We will also discuss any specific wishes you may have.

3. Time for the workshop!

During the workshop you will learn in an accessible way how you can use drawing skills during work. We will also work with a theme that is relevant to you with the help of visual thinking.

Live tekenen opleveren mail

4. Afterwards

After the workshop we will (depending on what we have agreed upon) send you specific drawings or a summary of what you have drawn.

Join our drawing workshop visual communication for education!

Our workshop wonders

Betina Van Meter
Een vrolijkere workshopgever is moeilijk te vinden! Betina zorgt ervoor dat iedereen zich op z'n gemak voelt en er veel spelelementen in de workshop zitten.
Theo Danes
Theo is, naast dat hij tekenaar is, ook dichter. Daarom bevatten de workshops die hij geeft ook altijd elementen die zich op het snijvlak van beeld en taal bevinden.
Violet Swakman
Violet zorgt ervoor dat zelfs de mensen die vinden dat ze écht niet kunnen tekenen, toch meedoen! En ze zorgt ervoor dat elke workshop tot in de puntjes is geregeld.


Marlet Kuis
Marlet Kuis
External Partnership Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb
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"Professional, flexible and very pleasant in the cooperation! Bord&Stift is open for honest feedback: this improves the quality. Pleasant contact: Bord&Stift contacts you directly if you have any questions/issues. And they stick to the timelines and are very flexible. We are very satisfied! Thanks a lot!"
Noreen van der Linden
Noreen van der Linden
Strategic consultant at Gupta Strategists
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"Theo and Charlotte sensed very well what type of training we were looking for. During the training, different forms of visual thinking were discussed and the participants mainly got to work themselves. This resulted in a very educational and inspiring training."
Renée Geerse
Renée Geerse
Project leader Strategy & Innovation at Meander Medisch Centrum
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"It was very nice to be able to work with Bord&Stift. Such creative nice people. We had a relatively short time, but the end result is perfect! We are very happy with the result."

he University of Amsterdam, NS, Philips and other clients give us a 9.1 out of 10 rating based on 69 reviews.

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Frequently asked questions about our drawing workshop

We ensure that people get to know how to use their drawing skills during work in a low-key way. We focus on getting everyone to draw a lot during the workshop. We start with simple assignments and progress to a more complicated one. There’s always room for feedback or a particular direction.

Visual communication is increasingly important. Instead of endless discussions, it’s better to experience an idea and get started on it straight away. We ensure people develop their self-confidence when it comes to using signs and small illustrations in their work, as well as teaching people how to think visually. Because our workshops are all practical, everyone can practice their skills and take away something valuable from the workshop.

Even during conferences or on team days, it’s a fun, relaxing activity, as well as being useful. People can relax, be creative and discover they can actually draw (because most people think they can’t). There’s a nice atmosphere which make people feel much more positive about their new skills.

The illustrator can bring the materials themselves, or you can arrange that. It can be fun if everyone gets a set of markers and a notebook to keep after the session to they can keep using their visual skills. Notebooks branded with your company logo are often a nice touch. It’s a good idea to discuss this before the workshop.

The drawing workshop can also take place online! In that case, the illustrator will communicate in advance what it takes for everyone to participate properly from home.

No! You really don’t have to.

People often say: “No, but I really can’t draw, I really can’t participate in your workshop!”. 🙈

Fortunately, we have always managed to convince people to participate. It is so nice to experience when people discover that they do not have to be able to draw like an expert in order to use the power of visual communication.

Good question! We were curious about that ourselves. Fortunately, we have experienced that we can also give good workshops online in creative ways with useful digital tools. And that it also works very well online to be creative together.

You do not learn to draw or paint things very precisely like Rembrandt. You will learn a simple and neutral style of drawing to clarify your ideas and plans. We find it especially important that you can use your drawing skills in a practical way!

You learn the basics of visual communication. A simple and neutral style of drawings. See below a few examples of what will be taught during the workshop!

Around two hours. But longer or shorter is also possible if it suits your program better!

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