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Do you have a lot of information that you would like to summarize clearly and conveniently in one image? Or do you want an inspiring poster that shows what your organization has achieved, or reflects your vision for the coming years?

We can help you with one of our inspirational infographics/ company posters!

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Our prices for an infographic

Simple infographic

1250 EXCL. VAT
  • Kick-off interview
  • An average of one feedback round
  • You already know clearly what you want
  • From your organization, one person gives feedback
  • Infographic delivered within 2-3 weeks after first appointment
  • Simple drawings and symbols

Standard infographic

1900 EXCL. VAT
  • Kick-off interview
  • An average of two feedback rounds
  • You already know clearly what you want
  • From your organization, max two people give feedback
  • Infographic delivered within 3-4 weeks after first appointment
  • Standard drawings and symbols
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Extended infographic

2800 EXCL. VAT
  • Kick-off interview
  • Unlimited rounds of feedback
  • We help you to get clear what you want
  • From your organization, multiple people can give feedback
  • Infographic delivered within 6-8 weeks after first appointment
  • Detailed drawings

Animated infographic

3100 EXCL. VAT
  • Kick-off interview
  • Animated infographic of 30 sec-1 minute
  • Standard infographic process
  • Delivered to you in format and file type of your choice
  • Infographic delivered within 6-8 weeks after first appointment
  • Detailed drawings

The price of the infographic depends on the number of hours the artist works and the size of the illustration. After the first appointment, we indicate in the quotation how many hours the illustrator will be busy, so that you know exactly where our price comes from!

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Our illustrators


Nienke Nieuwpoort
Nienke Nieuwpoort
COO at ScaleUp Company
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"Floris from Bord&Stift has drawn the BHAG and Core Purpose of all participating companies in the Strategy Collective of our growth program (ScaleUp Company), a super nice reminder for these fast-growing companies what their dot on the horizon is. Fast, effective and drawn with atmosphere! "
RenΓ©e Geerse
RenΓ©e Geerse
Business Consultant at Semmtech B.V.
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"Nice creative company that tries to make problems and solutions as understandable as possible. Communication was pleasant and direct. Recommended!"
Marlet Kuis
Marlet Kuis
External Partnership Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb
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"Professional, flexible and very pleasant in the cooperation! Bord&Stift is open for honest feedback: this improves the quality. Pleasant contact: Bord&Stift contacts you directly if you have any questions/issues. And they stick to the timelines and are very flexible. We are very satisfied! Thanks a lot!"

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Frequently Asked Questions about infographics

We tailor-make each infographic. It takes time and attention to think together with you about the core of what we are going to depict in an infographic. In addition, the illustrator makes custom images for each plate, which also takes time for the illustrator. That is why we arrive at this price. In addition, it is of course true that whether you find something expensive or cheap depends on your available budget.

Our illustrators have a lot of experience in making infographics. This makes the process relatively fast. By making whiteboard videos, we are trained to quickly get to the core of a story. We also take that experience with us in making infographics. In addition, it is of course true that whether you find something expensive or cheap depends on your available budget.

Between two and six weeks, depending on a number of factors. Factors that play a role are: the availability of our illustrators, the complexity of your subject, the level of detail required when developing the infographic and the number of infographics you want to purchase from us.

The process always starts with an intake. The duration of the intake varies from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the subject. During the intake we ask many questions, we do that on the basis of this template:

We also practically think along with you about the format, font and use of color of the infographic.

The illustrator then starts designing the infographic and sends a first draft.

You can give feedback on this first draft and the illustrator will process this feedback. If necessary, further feedback rounds will follow.

The illustrator will eventually send the final infographic digitally in the format you want.

That mainly depends on our planning. If the infographic needs to be created fast, we simply see which illustrator is available and they create the infographic. If there is a little more space in the planning, there is also a greater chance that there are several illustrators available to choose from.

That varies a lot: you can specify what you want in it. It can be very businesslike, very cheerful, with a high information density or more narrative. We discuss this with you during the first initial meeting.

Usually in .pdf or .jpg. Other formats are also possible.

We will send the infographic to you digitally, in the format you prefer. If you want a print of the infographic, you can get arrange that yourself. If you would like help from us, let us know and we will think along with you.

Nothing! During the intake interview, we collect all the information that is necessary. If you have background information that is useful to us, you can of course always send it to us, but it is not a must.

Of course! Usually one or two feedback rounds are sufficient to make the infographic final.

The infographic supports the story you want to tell. With an infographic you can tell the story, the nuances and the emphasis yourself. An infographic works well as a start of a conversation, for example.

A whiteboard video tells one clear message and is more stand-alone. A video is easy to send or to put independently on a platform.

Our experience is that you usually know what best suits your situation, but we can always think along with you if you are in doubt!

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