Are you interested in a whiteboard animation?

Do you want to explain a complex story in a clear way? For example a vision, business plan or concept? We can help you by making a clear and simple whiteboard animation for you.

Want to know how we work?

What do you get with our standard process of making a whiteboard video?

Styles & prices

1 minute

Short and sweet
4.250 excl. VAT
  • One minute explanimation
  • Ready in ± 5 weeks
  • You write the text
  • Clear and simple drawing style
  • Max one round of feedback

3 minutes

Our classic whiteboard animation
6.250 excl. VAT
  • Video ±3 minutes
  • Ready in 6-8 weeks
  • We write the text
  • Creative drawing style + we can incorporate your input
  • Unlimited feedback rounds
Most popular

3 minutes technical

Explanimation with extensive drawing style
7.250 excl. VAT
  • Video ±3 minutes
  • Ready in 6-8 weeks
  • We write the text
  • Extensive and technical drawing style + we can incorporate your input
  • Unlimited feedback rounds

Hand drawn or digital?

You can choose if you want your whiteboard animation to be hand drawn or digital.

A digital video contains more animations and you can choose specific colours. Because visual communication works best, we made a short video about it!

The price of a digital film is equal to that of a hand-drawn film.

Do you want to order multiple whiteboard animations?
Then you get a discount!

Working together with you goes even smoother and faster when we make multiple videos. That’s why you get a discount on multiple videos. Our motto is: the more videos you make, the more discount you get.

Please note, the discount only applies if you order and pay for multiple videos in one go.

2 videos


3-5 videos

Most popular

6-9 videos


10 videos


Our working method

Discuss your whiteboard animation

1. A meeting with you

We are always happy to visit you for an intake so that the whiteboard animation optimally suits your company. You are also more than welcome to come and visit us in Amsterdam! Or, as is often the case now: we meet via Zoom.

Elaborate texts for whiteboard animation

2. The text

The power of a good whiteboard animation is a complete yet short text that is visually written so that it will be well enhanced by the drawings.

Draw a whiteboard animation

3. To the drawing board!

When the text is finalized our illustrator is ready to make your video as interesting and clear as possible in the most creative way. Once you’ve approved the illustrations we will film it all live.

Voice over for whiteboard animation

4. Editing

All the video material is then merged and trimmed by the editor. The voice over is recorded and the whiteboard animation is sent to you.


Yara van der Velden
Yara van der Velden
Editor at De Correspondent
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"The collaboration with Bord&Stift went very smoothly. This was mainly because the team communicates clearly, switches quickly and is extremely flexible. They think in terms of solutions and are open to adjustments where necessary. With a great video as a result!"
Arjen Tuinhof de Moed
Arjen Tuinhof de Moed
Manager Engineering at NS Treinmodernisering
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"Bord&Stift has a nice team with an open and very intelligent approach. Our video is not only funny but above all informative and "to the point". Highly recommended!"
Marlet Kuis
Marlet Kuis
External Partnership Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb
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"Professional, flexible and very pleasant in the cooperation! Bord&Stift is open for honest feedback: this improves the quality. Pleasant contact: Bord&Stift contacts you directly if you have any questions/issues. And they stick to the timelines and are very flexible. We are very satisfied! Thanks a lot!"

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he University of Amsterdam, NS, Philips and other clients give us a 9.1 out of 10 rating based on 69 reviews.

All reviews are independently collected by The Feedback Company and Google.

Frequently Asked Questions about whiteboard animations

You can always email or call us (+31 20 2617 491), but if we’re making a whiteboard animation for you we like to meet you. This can be done online via Zoom, at your office or at our cozy office on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam.

During a 2-hour session we work together to get to the core of your story, to make sure no information is overlooked.

We need 6 weeks from the first interview. In our experience that’s how much time we need for everyone to enjoy the process and deliver a good end product. If you need a whiteboard animation faster, it’s sometimes possible, but depends on our planning and availability.

Hell yes! There are all kinds of options. Men, women, enthusiastic, sultry, fluent, serious, English accent, Dutch accent or any other language. You can decide yourself who best fits your video.

Usually there are 2 or 3 illustrators available at any one time, so we send you a sample of their work during the planning process. You can choose an artist based on the style that best suits your video. If you’re in a hurry or it’s very busy at the office, then choice of illustrators can be limited. In any case, we’ll always discuss with you which illustrator will be best suited to your project.

Of course! In fact, even if you do have ideas for the whiteboard animation, you’ll probably still want to talk about it in-depth. But don’t worry, you don’t need to have a clear idea of what you want or even a briefing prepared for us. In the first interview we’ll ask all the questions we need to in order to make the whiteboard animation. We do this based on this template:

As well as making videos our illustrators are also available for live drawing events. They create a visual record of events during a meeting, event or conference. Live drawing works both for on- and offline events.

In addition, we can also drop by your office for a drawing workshop. Why take minutes when your team can process ideas and plans clears in a drawing? “I can’t draw!” Don’t worry, after this workshop, you’ll be able to. A drawing workshop can be given online or offline.

As much time as you want! On average the client spends 3-5 hours per video. We begin the process with an extensive interview about content, which usually lasts 2 hours. We need that time to get the detail straight.

From then on, we take over the process and the only time you need to contribute is giving feedback. Depending on how much feedback you give, the amount of time varies – it could be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. You can also brainstorm with the illustrator, which takes another 2 hours.

We begin the process with an extensive interview of 2-3 hours. This allows us to explore the content and get a good idea of the whiteboard animation’s core message.

Then our copywriter starts working on a first draft. You give feedback on the text until it’s exactly what you want.

Once the text is decided, our illustrator will make proof drawings. These are sent to you as a PDF and can also give feedback.

Finally, the voice-over records the text. If you want, you can phone in and listen to the voice-over to give more feedback.

Once everything is agreed and finalized, we manually draw and film the whiteboard animation (for a 3-minute whiteboard animation this takes around 8 hours). We edit everything together and send the whiteboard animation to you in .MP4 format, or any other format you prefer.

We’ve already made whiteboard animations for a lot of clients. Companies like NS, KLM, the University of Amsterdam, ING, the Dutch National Police, the municipality of the Hague and the city of Amsterdam, Klokhuis and Women Inc among others.

Certainly. So far we’ve made whiteboard animations in Flemish, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber and German. We have an external agency translate the text and we provide a voice-over in the relevant language.

Between each step in the process, versions of the text and illustrations are sent back and forth to the client for feedback.

This can be done by email or telephone, until you’re completely satisfied with the content of the final whiteboard animation.

After you’ve given us the definitive ‘GO’, we dive into the film studio to record the whiteboard animation.

A few days later it’s delivered to your digital door.

Can’t find your question? Take a look at our FAQ-page.