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We have several different products to offer.

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Whiteboard film - Simple illustrations
€4,475 ex. VAT
Get your own whiteboard film of 1-3 minutes, in which your complex story is explained clearly with simple illustrations. More information ❯
Whiteboard film - Extensive illustrations
€5,475 ex. VAT
In this detailed whiteboard movie we can show technical aspects in depth and make people recognizable. More information ❯
Whiteboard film - Digital
€5,475 ex. VAT
Rather have a video without a hand drawing the images? That's possible! We'll illustrate the video digitally instead of on a whiteboard. More information ❯
Live Drawing (for a meeting or event)
€875 ex. VAT
A illustrator visits your office or event space and converts the content of your event into simple, clear visuals. More information ❯
Drawing Workshops (learn visual note-taking)
€75 pp ex. VAT (min €750)
During a drawing workshop, you'll learn the principles of visual thinking and note-taking, so that you can easily communicate your ideas through images. More information ❯


You may want something extra with your whiteboard film.
We have fixed prices for these services.

To the Core
+ €750 ex. VAT
We begin together with a 'Kick-off to the core' session, under the guidance of one of our illustrators. Using the drawings produced, your story will become clear. More information ❯
Draw with your team
+ €750 ex. VAT
With your entire team you'll seek out your unique vision and strategy. We use drawing exercises and brainstorming to help guide your team. More information ❯
Out of the box film
+ €450 ex. VAT
Want us to get creative with colour, fruit and crazy effects? Pick this add-on so we can throw ourselves out-of-the-box for your film. More information ❯
+ €125 or + €225 ex. VAT
We can add subtitles both in the language of the film and in additional languages. More information ❯
Voiceover in another language
+ €650 ex. VAT
We translate your text into whichever language you prefer and ensure a native speaker records the voiceover. More information ❯
+ €200 ex. VAT
Often it's not needed, but if you want to give your film a little something extra, we can add some music to the background.
Speedy delivery
+ €750 ex. VAT
Do you need a film in less than 6 weeks? We can offer you an accelerated process, finishing your film in 4 weeks.
+1 additional minute
+ €250 ex. VAT
Our films last approximately 3 minutes. Would you prefer a longer film? We charge € 250 per extra minute.
Sound effects
+ €150 ex. VAT
If you want to make your film more fun and lively, we can do that by adding some sound effects in the edit.

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Looking for multiple films? That works for us πŸ™‚

Cooperation between ourselves and the client goes even smoother and faster when we make multiple films. That’s why you get a discount on multiple films. Our motto is: the more films you make, the more savings you get.

Please note, the discount only applies if you order and pay for multiple films in one go.
2 videos
5% discount
Would you like to receive a quotation or would you like to set up a call or meeting at your office?
3 - 5 videos
8% discount
Would you like to receive a quotation or would you like to set up a call or meeting at your office?
6 - 9 videos
12% discount
Would you like to receive a quotation or would you like to set up a call or meeting at your office?
> 10 videos
15% discount
Would you like to receive a quotation or would you like to set up a call or meeting at your office?

At Bord&Stift you can get your own whiteboard film, on a subject of your choice for €3,525 ex. VAT (simple illustrations) or €4,525 ex. VAT (extensive illustrations). That includes all the costs: writing the text, recording the voiceover, coming up with the concept, making the illustrations, filming and editing. We don’t charge extra costs, even if there’s extra work for us. That way you know where you stand and won’t get any surprises!

If you have a smaller budget, don’t hesitate to contact us. There are always solutions! For example, Bord&Stift makes films for crowdfunding campaigns, where a small amount is paid upfront, and the remainder when the campaign has succeeded. We can send you a tailor-made quote specific to your needs. Send an email to contact@bordenstift.nlΒ for more information.