Do you want to work on a specific topic
or theme with your team?

A drawing workshop is a fun and effective way
to dive deeper into a topic.

All of our drawing workshops are custom designed. We adapt your workshop to the topic or theme that is relevant for you.
This way participants learn not only the basics of visual thinking, the workshop is also interesting in terms of content.

How does it work?

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per Drawing Workshop:

€75,- per person

ex. VAT

Organizing a workshop for fewer than 10 people? Our minimum price for a drawing workshop is €750 ex. VAT.

Drawing Workshop


Curious who our illustrators are?

Because you probably want to know who’ll give the workshop to your team.

Betina Van Meter
It is hard to find a happier workshop facilitator than Betina! Betina makes sure everybody feels at ease and that the Drawing Workshop has plenty of playful elements.
Theo Danes
Theo is next to his job as an illustrator, a poet as well. His Drawing Workshops always contain elements that are at the intersection of image and language.
Violet Swakman
If people believe they cannot draw, Violet is still able to make them enthusiastic for our workshop! And she makes sure every workshop is perfectly organised.

Sounds interesting… but what does a Drawing Workshop look like?

It differs per client, but below is an example.

This is the schedule of a Drawing Workshop we did for a group of PhD students from the Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
In this Drawing Workshop they learned to communicate the subject of their PhD visually.

Learning the basics

  • Warm-up exercise (15 min)
  • Geometrical figures (10 min)
  • Human figures (15 min)


Visual games

  • Pictionary (20 min)
  • Visual language riddles (10 min)
  • Speed drawing (5 min)

Final assignment

  • Explain final assignment (10 min)
  • Final assignment in groups (25 min)
  • Presenting to each other (15 min)

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What do our clients say about us?

On average they give us a 9.1 out of 10.

Helpful and inspiring training

gupta strategists logo groene letters

Bord&Stift organized a very inspiring training called ‘Visual Thinking’ in March 2019. Theo and Charlotte had a very good sense of what kind of training we were looking for. This resulted in an incredibly helpful and inspiring training. Bord&Stift, thanks for the great collaboration and wonderful training!

Noreen van der Linden

Quick, effective and illustrated with the right atmosphere!

zwart logo met witte letters van de scaleup company

Floris of Bord&Stift illustrated the BHAG and Core Purpose of all the participating companies of our development program (ScaleUp Company) during the Strategy Collective. Quick, effective and illustrated the right atmosphere!


The live drawing session was very good

bristol-myers squibb logo, blauwe geometrische vorm

We had 2 videos and a live drawing session. The drawing session was also very good; the summary of B&S summarized the essence of the day perfectly. We’re very happy! Many thanks!


The illustrations turned out super nice

prorail logo, rode letters witte achtergrond

The communication with Bord en Stift was pleasant. First an order through the website, then a call with Bord&Stift, then with the illustrator. The illustrations turned out super nice. I’m very happy!


B&S listens to your wishes


It is very nice that B&S offers a lot of freedom with your choices and listens to your wishes. It’s also nice that B&S communicates often and quickly about progress and planning.


Very creative club


Very nice to see how a story comes to life! Very creative club.

Joost Bosma


We ensure that people get to know how to use their drawing skills during work in a low-key way. We focus on getting everyone to draw a lot during the workshop. We start with simple assignments and progress to a more complicated one. There’s always room for feedback or a particular direction.

Visual communication is increasingly important. Instead of endless discussions, it’s better to experience an idea and get started on it straight away. We ensure people develop their self-confidence when it comes to using signs and small illustrations in their work, as well as teaching people how to think visually. Because our workshops are all practical, everyone can practice their skills and take away something valuable from the workshop.

Even during conferences or on team days, it’s a fun, relaxing activity, as well as being useful. People can relax, be creative and discover they can actually draw (because most people think they can’t). There’s a nice atmosphere which make people feel much more positive about their new skills.

The illustrator can bring the materials themselves, or you can arrange that. It can be fun if everyone gets a set of markers and a notebook to keep after the session to they can keep using their visual skills. Notebooks branded with your company logo are often a nice touch. It’s a good idea to discuss this before the workshop.

We didn’t really come up with the idea ourselves, but there was a lto of demand from the companies we worked with! Now we sometimes combine drawing workshops with live illustration and making a video, so that the employees of a company are really involved in the whole process. We love to have fun and it’s really nice to see how enthusiastic people become when they realize they actually can draw….

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