At Bord & Stift you will find an explainer video company that can deliver you an original, personal and understandable whiteboard explainer video. These days, lots of companies use explainer videos to get a message across to their target audience. Why? Because they work! People are optical in essence, which means that moving images are far more effective for transferring information, than just audio or passive pictures. Target your audience now by contacting explainer video company Bord & Stift.

A couple of our happy clients:

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“In honour of our 25th anniversary, Bord & Stift created a film capturing both our work and our complex decision-making process, in a creative and appealing film. I was very pleased with the collaboration, the surprising and creative ideas and the solution-oriented way of working at Bord & Stift”
Nejra Kalkan
Commission Secretary Meijers
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"Bord&Stift is incredible! I had the pleasure of collaborating with them on three different videos and was consistently blown away by their professionalism and the quality of their work. Each person I worked with was friendly and enthusiastic, offering a valuable and highly creative perspective in his/her area of expertise."
Aurora Stobbelaar
Senior Communications Coordinator at EAIE
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“Our APF Congress was a great success, thanks in part to Bord & Stift. In only a few minutes they mapped out a complicated idea in a clear and creative way. Using a simple process, they translated our content into a clear and informative video. Contact with Charlotte and her colleagues was professional and always enjoyable.”
Henry van Eck
Pension Advisor Montae
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The explainer video company that understands the power of simple and clear

Did you know that the average person today consumes more information in a day than the amount of information people in the medieval times consumed in an entire lifetime? The amount of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis is enormous. That also means that people have to divide their attention so they can process all this information. And that is exactly why a whiteboard explainer video can make you and your company stand out from the crowd. Short, sweet, simple, hand drawn and personal, that’s the essence of a whiteboard explainer video. Choosing Bord & Stift, means choosing hand drawn videos, which in turn means choosing something truly original.

Contact Bord & Stift today, we will facilitate the entire process

You will do what you do best, which is running your company, while our explainer video company does what we do best, creating your unique whiteboard explainer video. We will fully facilitate the entire process, while giving you the opportunity of providing feedback along the entire way. Do contact our explainer video company for more information and an obligation free brainstorm session by calling us at +31 20 2617491.

Want to know how we work?
Watch our video here:

We transform complex stories
into simple hand-drawn films.

✅ We work in separate, clearly defined stages

✅ One fixed price for a film

✅ Every film starts with a kick-off meeting

✅ Focus on the content, not the fuss

✅ Customers give us an average 9.1/10 rating!

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