Would you like to…

  • Have complex information summarized in a clear and simple way in one visual image?
  • Show what your company has achieved in the previous years on an inspiring infographic?
  • Have your company’s vision for the coming years summarized on a poster?

Then we can help you with an inspiring infographic!

What do you get?

 Kick-off interview

✅ Two rounds (on average) of feedback on the illustrations

✅ Infographic explaining your key message 

✅ Infographic delivered within 2-3 weeks after the first appointment

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Animated infographic


€ 750-1750,- ex. VAT*

* If an infographic is part of a whiteboardvideo, the price is €750-1000. If the infographic is a separate product, the price will be €1000-1700. Within this range, the price depends on the amount of hours the illustrator will spend on the infographic. After the first appointment we’ll send you a quotation that specifies the amount of hours, so you’ll know exactly where the price comes from!

This is what our clients say:

Clever and appealing video


Great organization! I got a planning and a quote very quickly. The further coordination went well and Bord&Stift always delivered exactly what was agreed upon. The message to be conveyed was expressed and visualized in a very clever and appealing way in the video.

R. Blankemeijer

Pleasant people


The strength of Bord & Stift is, in my opinion, in fast switching, proactive thinking and the pleasant people who work there! We are very satisfied with the result, which has been delivered within a very short timeframe.

Maud van Deven

Curious and very open!


My experience was very good. Quick response to our proposal to meet (the next day!) In addition, the cooperation was also very pleasant, curious and able to empathize properly, which is also an important part of the process in my opinion. Afterwards, they worked individually again but again everything was quickly picked up and everyone was easily accessible for the feedback. In short, a great cooperation, fast, flexible, curious and very open!

Sonja de Bake

Correct feeling evoked


Good guidance, good translation of our message in a great text / outline.
Illustrations well translated (correct feeling evoked). Good translation of the briefing and accurately delivered our latest changes in a very short term!

Arnica van den Hoorn

Creative and professional


Pleasant cooperation, flexible, fast understanding, creative and professional.

Plenty of room for input


We have worked very well with Bord&Stift; there is plenty of room for input and our feedback was well processed.
We are happy with the end result!

J. Linssen

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A no-obligation appointment is the first step in our process.

We always like to meet you in person (no obligations!), but you can choose which option suits you best.

Telephone call

15 min - 30 min
In case you have any specific questions
If you want to get a general idea of who we are
If you're in a hurry and you want to know more quickly

Meeting at your office

60 min - 120 min
If you want to meet us (without any obligations)
If you want to have a (free) first brainstorm on your story
If you don't want to lose time by visiting our office in Amsterdam

Meeting at our office

60 min - 120 min
If you happen to be in Amsterdam and want to pop by our office
If you want to see in detail how we work
If you like to be in a creative environment 🙂

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€750-1750,- ex. VAT
An infographic communicaties your key message to your target audience in a single, clear image. More information ❯