Want to communicate a lot of information?

Maybe at a meeting with your team or at an event?

Using live illustrations, you can easily create clarity about what is important
and show clear connections on how information is linked.
Visualizing also helps in remembering information more easily.

P.S. Although all our illustrators are based in the Netherlands, we are able to do Live Drawing in any European city (we already went to Brussels, Paris and Helsinki so far 🙂 …). Get in touch with us if you want to discuss Live Drawing at your company, no matter where it is in Europe.

How does it work?

1) Choose a date below
2) We check availabilities and send a quote
3) We’ll schedule a call in preparation for the meeting
4) On the scheduled date we’ll be there!

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Curious who our illustrators are?

Because naturally you want to know who will illustrate at your event.

Betina Van Meter
Betina always makes insightful illustrations thanks to her background in Industrial Design.
Mieske Klomp
Mieske is able to capture the core in just a few lines and uses a lot of humor when illustrating.
Theo Danes
Theo is an expert in seeing the big picture of a topic and illustrating it clearly.
Jeroen Steehouwer
As a comic illustrator, Jeroen captures topics with a lot of insightful humor.
Floris van Elteren
As a Mechanical Engineer, illustrating technical topics are a piece of cake for Floris.
Antoine Stöhr
Educated as an interaction designer, Antoine makes sure the interaction between text and illustrations works out well.

Want to request a Live Drawing session?

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So, what does ‘Live Drawing’ look like exactly?

Well…like this.

For us it doesn’t matter if we draw on paper, flip-over charts or whiteboards.
We’ll ensure we make a great visual summary of the day.

What do our clients say about us?

On average they give us a 9.1 out of 10.

Quick, effective and illustrated with the right atmosphere!

zwart logo met witte letters van de scaleup company

Floris of Bord&Stift illustrated the BHAG and Core Purpose of all the participating companies of our development program (ScaleUp Company) during the Strategy Collective. Quick, effective and illustrated the right atmosphere!


The live drawing session was very good

bristol-myers squibb logo, blauwe geometrische vorm

We had 2 videos and a live drawing session. The drawing session was also very good; the summary of B&S summarized the essence of the day perfectly. We’re very happy! Many thanks!


The illustrations turned out super nice

prorail logo, rode letters witte achtergrond

The communication with Bord en Stift was pleasant. First an order through the website, then a call with Bord&Stift, then with the illustrator. The illustrations turned out super nice. I’m very happy!


B&S listens to your wishes


It is very nice that B&S offers a lot of freedom with your choices and listens to your wishes. It’s also nice that B&S communicates often and quickly about progress and planning.


Very creative club


Very nice to see how a story comes to life! Very creative club.

Joost Bosma



Fun and creative company that tries to make problems and solutions as understandable as possible. Communication was pleasant and direct. Recommended!

Peter Vrijhoef


A live illustrator is a fast-drawing artist, able to capture information in images very quickly. A live illustrator is also a kind of note-taker 2.0. Instead of summarizing what’s discussed during a conference or event, we summarize it in images. This makes ideas immediately clear and accessible to everyone at a glance.

A live illustrator adds a lot of value at events which are unusual or not a weekly occurrence. So if you’re organizing a brainstorm or a day of team reflection then having a live illustrator is a great idea.

It’s also fun at conferences or events. While a speaker is speaking, the illustrator makes a drawing to summarize what’s being said. For everyone present, it’s a nice way to see the main points of the speech. An illustrator can also make an overview of the whole day, bringing together the events of the conference.

Have a look first at which illustrator suits you best. Then you can use the ‘Book’ button to hire the relevant illustrator. We quickly check if they’re available and let you know. If so, you can make the booking final! The illustrator will contact you to discuss in advance what you want so they can prepare visually for you.

The illustrator can bring their own materials, or you can arrange this. There are various possibilities: the illustrator can make a summary on one large canvas, or make lots of separate drawings on small sheets. Depending on what you want and what suits you, we’ll try to arrange it!

Live illustrating offers us a different challenge from making films. When you’re making a film you always have time to think about things, but with live illustrating you have to react quickly and instantly transform something into an image. We believe we can really add value this way: to show things more clearly, give an overview during a conference of event and add some much need fun and playfulness!

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