“When I hear and see something at the same time, it’s easier to memorize”

A tool that helps protect nature and wildlife. That’s exactly the kind of thing we at Bord&Stift love making videos about. Aleksandra Nikodinovic of IUCN explains how a whiteboardvideo helped to get their message across.

What was it exactly you wanted to communicate?

Aleksandra: “We wanted an instruction video on how the eLens portal works. This portal offers easily accessible and interpretable earth-observation data. People can compare satellite images from a specific area and see what’s happening on the ground over time. It can be used for protecting nature and wildlife, by for example NGO’s, national park employees or environmental lawyers.”

Why did you think a whiteboardvideo would be useful?

“It was important to clearly explain what the portal is and how it can be used. I loved the idea of a whiteboardvideo, I thought it would serve our purpose really well. When I talk and when I listen, I tend to draw. I find it very easy to memorize things when I hear and see something at the same time. The same message arrives to your brain in two different ways. With drawings you can have the visuals really follow the story that is being told and stress the words highlighting only relevant information. For me this works really well.”

How was the writing and drawing process?

“We were lucky to work with a group at Bord&Stift who understood what we wanted. They were open, good listeners. The first draft of the text was already in the right directions, we had some comments, but it felt smooth and easy. For the drawings, we had some suggestions regarding gender and race inclusion. The communication was quick and focused. I was super grateful because there was a tight deadline.”

Did the video serve its purpose?

“Yes absolutely, we screened it at webinars and showed it to partners. It’s a great resource to have. Instead of giving a powerpoint presentation or me just talking about it, we can refer people to the videos and they can get back to us when they have specific questions.”

Is there anything that stood out in the process?

“The people at Bord&Stift are easy going and flexible. I appreciate working with people who are human and warm.

Something else I took from this process: we learned Bord&Stift meetings start with a check in, and end with a check out. Everyone shares where they are at, how they are doing. I loved it so much. So we started doing that as well, within this project. It helped us be more present, it created a safe space. We understood each other easier and faster. So that was a nice side effect of the process. Hopefully I can get other colleagues to do that as well!”

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